About Our Show

Welcome to the Finhub Canadian Founder Podcast! Our goal is to promote and inform students, educators, and industry professionals in the Fintech industry. We aim to raise visibility within the broad financial and technology ecosystem in Canada and beyond. We will interview CEOs of fast-growing fintech companies to get their insights on the latest fintech industry trends and learn more about their career journeys so far. 

Your Hosts


Priyanka is a first year MBA student at Rotman and holds a BBA in Finance. She is the VP-Career Development of the Rotman Business Technology Association and VP-Communications of the Links Mentorship Programme. She is passionate about sustainable finance, financial inclusion and the use of innovative technology to bridge the gap in financial literacy. Prior to her MBA, she spent 4 years working in different roles in financial services such as investment banking and venture capital consulting where she utilized her skills in data analysis, due diligence and market research to develop an in-depth understanding of the global Fintech industry. She also started her own online gardening products company. Her passion for innovation in finance drives her interest to learn more about this space!


Priscila is a second year MBA student at Rotman. She holds a BSc in Mathematics and a Master's in Economics. She is the Co-President of the Rotman Business Analytics Club and passionate about utilizing technology for change and focuses her professional career on breaking down barriers throughout financial services. Prior to her MBA, she spent 7 years working in different roles in Financial Services such as credit risk, capital planning, and pricing strategy where she utilised her skills in data science to extract insights from data to solve business problems. She is passionate about the Fintech space due to its fast-paced environment and use of the latest technologies.